The Act of Caring

How do you define care? Some people cannot define it but instead show it to the person they love. But, when a person cares for you, does it already mean he/she loves you?

“Maybe”, is the best answer to this question. Maybe he/she cares because you’re friends. But friends should love each other, should that be the case?

No, it’s not true. Some people treat you as friends simply because, they respect you. But love could not be a reason why he/she cares for you.

So how do you define care then? Care is an act of kindness that people show to the person whom he/she thinks deserves it from him/her. There are times that you are important to that person because you are an asset to him, thus, he/she shows care.

Not to generalize too, there are lots of people who care because they love that person. But people should also know the difference of a care for love and a care shown just as an act of kindness.

How would you know if he/she cares because he/she loves you? Simply put a trust and return back the love and care. Time will come, that person will show the real him when he/she also decided to trust you.


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